S.C. TECHNICAL TRAINING S.R.L Centre was founded in Bucharest – Romania in 2008., with the aim of becoming active in the field of human resources development. Technical Training I.e. has been accredited by CNFPA to provide training courses for specialization or re-specialization in the fields of Entrepreneurship, ICT, Agribusiness and Agriculture with focus on ecological environment protection.

The sources of Sustained Competitive Advantages of Technical Training Srl are:

  1. It’s Organizational Structure, with the Human Resources
  2. ICT infrastructure,  with fully equipped classrooms and IT labs
  3. Social Corporate Responsibility
  4. Success Know- how in the implementation of National and European training projects, co-funded by ESF.
  5. Effective Networks development in the field of Training and Employment.

Accredited professional training on the basis of OG 129/2000, for Organic Farmer, Entrepreneurship, Business Consultant in Agriculture, IT&C, Greek language. Contribution in Training Projects that fall within the general framework of the European and national policy for improving prospects of:

  1. Employee motivation, leadership skill development, employee training in ICT and performance management issues.
  2. Employability of unemployed and social exclusion groups (in collaboration with the National Agency of Employment ANOFM and the Labour Force Recruitment Counties Agencies AJOFMs) to enhance the English language and professional skills and capabilities in an attempt to make them equally employable with the local population holding similar skills, and thus promote equal opportunities in the European labour market.

Instructors and Trainers

Staff: The Top Management of the Training Centre constitute of qualified PHD and MSC executive staff in diversified fields of Business Administration and Information Technology. Over 30 experts  in ESF Administration projects co-operate in training programmes, contributing in design, implementation and evaluation of European transnational and national Human resources training projects.

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